Request for Quotation

>> RFQ 5-T_C 1(D) (Box Compression Tester)

>> RFQ 7-T_C 2(B) (Endurance Test Chamber)

>> RFQ 8-T_C 2(C) (Draught Proof Chamber)

>> General Terms and Conditions

MECF, an initiative of MCCIA and the largest brownfield electronic cluster in India, under ‘Grant in Aid’ from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India. Reference is made to the Request for Quotation (RFQ) published on 13th July 2020 wherein bids are invited for (i) various equipments for Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI/EMC) Facility, and (ii) Environmental equipments of its Common Facility Centre (CFC) at J/P-8, Pimpri, Pune.

The RFQ is again extended for some of the equipments under Environmental Test and Certification facility as poor / no response is received from the organizations.

Request for Quotation are being extended for RFQ 5 – Box Compression Tester, RFQ 7 – Endurance Test Chamber and RFQ 8 – Draught Proof Chamber to reputed and experienced organizations with national and international experience in the relevant field. Organizations may quote for any one or all of the above through password protected email on

Necessary details, eligibility criteria, bidding process, terms and conditions are available on the website, Contact no: 020-25709000. The RFQ is issued on 25th Sept 2020, pre-bid meeting on 29th Sept 2020 @ 4 pm (through internet), last date for clarifications is 1st Oct 2020 and the last date for submission of Technical and Financial Bid is 6th Oct 2020 @ 5 pm.